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Red Right Return

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Matthew 18:20

Since March, 2019 we have been isolated, quarantined, and sad; grieving our connection in the world. When Pastor Tim announced that we would be returning to in-person worship, I was overjoyed.

When a ship is coming in from sea, in nautical terms, Red Right Return signifies safe passage through the harbor. As captains cannot ‘see’ the depth of the water, these buoys or beacons allow ships to pass through an area with more ease and confidence. As we make our way back from the middle of the ocean and look toward the shoreline for guidance and support, we can find comfort in knowing that Temple Lutheran is a marker. Coming together in the sanctuary once again is the harbor we seek an

d each of us are markers for each other, providing support and encouragement as we navigate shallow waters.

We welcomed new mission partners into our fold last month. As tradition called, a small wine & cheese reception took place in the courtyard the week before the church ceremony. We all sat in a circle, our newly installed solar panels, loomed overhead. There were introductions before sharing the reasons we chose Temple Lutheran. It was heart warming to be there and listen to the stories. And a reminder to me of how much I have missed these gatherings.

None of us are the people we were prior to March 2019. We have experienced a collective trauma. And, it will take some time for us to adjust to gathering again. I look forward to singing (even though I can't). I want to have communion with my Christian brothers and sisters. I want to witness a baby's baptism.

As we navigate our way back, inspired by the growing number of vessels

alongside us, we will guide each other toward safe harbor at Temple Lutheran church.

-Mike Schneller, council member

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