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Kids at Temple Lutheran Church

Rally Day  2022
Having Fun and Living Generously!

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On September 18th, Rally Day was held at Temple Lutheran Church. This celebrates the start of the church calendar year and marks the beginning of many of our ministries here at TLC.

This year's carnival had games and activities where children could win tickets.

Pastor Tim heard there was a need for school supplies by Child Guidance Resource Center for a fair they hold to make sure children in need have these items for the start of school.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, Thrivent Financial, and the attendees of our carnival, Pastor Tim delivered pens, pencils, glue, notebooks, folders and more! 

Temple Lutheran aspires to not only provide a place where kids can learn more about Jesus and grow their faith, but also provide a community with strong foundational relationships. Built through faith, service, and fun, we love for our kids to grow bonds that can be taken outside of church, as well as bonds they know they can lean on. Kids are active at Temple, and so you'll frequently see them and hear them, and that's just how we like it! Youth are just as important as our other generations in our congregation. With three Sunday School classes, VBS, retreats, and plans for a Youth Group coming Fall 2021, great things are happening with our youth at TLC!


We love to see the young people involved! Often you might see young people helping out during the service with anything from communion to ushering! We love to integrate our TLC kids. It helps our kids learn and grow and starts them on a lifelong journey of faith.


Our Kids Club holds lots of events throughout the year, from Movie Nights, to Christmas cookie making, to tree plantings, to pizza parties, to Phillies games, to... well, you get the idea. Letting kids have fun helps them feel comfortable and at home in and with their church.​


SEPA Youth Ministries provides networking opportunities, training, resources, and support for those who work with youth and young adults, with a goal to foster faith and fellowship in the youth of Southeast Pennsylvania (SEPA) Synod. SEPA Youth Ministry also organizes events for youth both in the SEPA Synod and beyond. Annual events include the Junior Youth Gathering, Senior High Youth Gathering, Helping Hands Day, Wonderfully Made Camp, and both domestic and international summer servant trips. Learn more about SEPA Youth Ministries.

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