Sunday School for Children - will resume in September!

Sunday School will be celebrated Sunday May 5 at KIDS' SUNDAY! 

There will be a break for the summer and then will start back up at Rally Day.

Late September you can follow signage to navigate to rooms. K-2 is in the new Childrens' Room, 3-6 is in the Music Room, and 7-12 is in the new Youth Room!

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Tim or Jeanne Daniels.


Spark is a Sunday school faith formation program designed for kids age 3 through Grade 6.  It is a three-year curriculum, with fall, winter and spring trimesters each year which is repeated again at a higher level to complete six years.  The lessons correspond to the Revised Common Lectionary.

Each Sunday school lesson for the Pre-K through the Second Graders lasts 45 minutes and is comprised of three 15 minute activities: an individual craft/worksheet activity; a multi-class group activity; and a separate class lesson.  Upon arrival they are engaged individually in making crafts, followed by working on puzzle worksheets, reviewing last week’s lesson.  For the next fifteen minutes, the entire class gathers for a multi-class group activity which includes songs led by Ms. Joyce, the offering, the Lord’s Prayer and the introduction to the lesson in the form of acting-out the bible story or playing a game. The last fifteen minutes are spent in groups, according to age, where the Bible story is read and a lesson pamphlet is completed.  It has been faith filled and fun. Class are held in the Children's Room, under the sanctuary.


The older children meet in the Music Room on the main floor. The older children (Third through Sixth grade) meet in the Music Room on the main floor.  Mr. Ralf and Ms. Dani lead activities so they can learn about our weekly Bible Story and discuss what it means for their daily lives.  This is a great way to meet other children in the church.

7-12 GRADES:

The Youth (Seventh through Twelfth grade) meet in our newly renovated Youth Room on the main floor.  Pastor Tim and Vicar Ian join in as the youth play and learn.  Video games and board games are often used as tools to help us connect to one another and to God.