From May to September there is one worship services on a Sunday. The Summer Worship service is at 9:30 a.m. and is led by the Praise Band. The sanctuary is air-conditioned.


The messages are often a part of multi-week sermon series which are meant to be topical and relate to our daily lives, helping us to take “Sunday into Monday” and beyond.


Holy communion is celebrated at every worship service and all are welcome at God’s table, with no exceptions. If you don’t feel ready to commune, no worries – just know you are invited!


A part of our service provides an opportunity to financially support the mission of Temple Lutheran Church. As a new friend, we don’t expect you to give, so no need to feel any pressure to do so.

Some Recent Sermon Series:

People Will Probably Say "Hi"

We are an open community and welcome all into it. We get up and move around to “pass the peace”. There is no pressuring, just genuine welcoming.

Education and Fellowship

On most Sundays in between worship services starting at 9:45 am are educational and social opportunities for kids and adults:


     Sunday school for kids


     Café Bistraud for adults with discussion, fellowship, and goodies


There are lots of other ways to come together for education and fellowship outside of Sunday mornings, too. Small Groups, kids events throughout the year, outreach ministries, and many other opportunities are provided.

Kids Are Encouraged to Worship

Sometimes worship can be fine dining but most of the time it is a family picnic. We know kids are in worship and make noise. That’s great! It is the kind of noise we like to hear. Our praise-band led worship service has fun music and a specific message for our younger friends (aka children’s sermon). A nursery is also available for young children. Learn more Temple's about programs for kids.

Any With Special Needs Welcomed

The community of Temple Lutheran welcomes children and adults with special needs. We hold an annual autism awareness Sunday with a spectrum-friendly music-led worship service. Autism-friendly play bags are available every Sunday, which includes tactile toys, board books, and a laminated social story for parents to prep their children on social norms of worship. Our building is handicap accessible.

Get To Know More

We invite you to learn more about Temple Lutheran Church. Click here to view the most recent Evangel Newsletter.

Take The Next Step

To Know Christ and Make Christ Known. That's our mission. It's why we’re here and it's what we try to do. We invite you to worship with us.


If you have checked out Temple and want to share in that mission, we invite you to take a further step and become a “mission partner”. Please talk with Pastor Tim on a Sunday or contact him at pastor@templelutheran.org.

Temple Lutheran Church  501 Brookline Boulevard  Havertown, PA  19083  610-446-3270  temple@templelutheran.org