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Give more than a quarter-back

by Nikita Johnson

" For we are all baptized by one Spirit into one body...There is one body and one Spirit"....1 Corinthians 12:13, Ephesians 4:4

On Super Bowl Sunday, Temple Lutheran Church celebrated by having TLC mission partners bring delectable soup dishes, with drinks and sweet treats to the Fellowship Hall to enjoy and commune with each other. There were two pots with the names of both teams facing off in the Super Bowl placed in the front of the sanctuary for mission partners to contribute to the team they believed would win. The very large pot was for the Philadelphia Eagles, and the much smaller pot was for the Kansas City Chiefs. All proceeds collected go to helping to end world hunger.

In the large metropolis of Philadelphia, people are often divided sharply on politics, religion and sports. But the Philadelphia Eagles team has a way of uniting people from all over the world, from all backgrounds, socio-economic status, education, and walks of life. People that are not even sports fans often root for the Eagles. They are becoming a proficient team, but fans love them even when they don't win. Many of the team members get along very well with each other, respect each other's input, and use their influence to reach out into the community to affect positive changes.

And that is what I believe God expects from us. He knows we are not the best the world has to offer, but He has uniquely qualified us for what He has called us to do. God also

knows that when we work together, united under one mission, core values, visions, and goals, we can positively affect the church, community, and ultimately God's world with the love of Jesus. Everyone's part of the body of Christ is essential and necessary. We all have an important role in sharing the good news and being a light in a dark world. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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