Donate to "Blanket the World with Love"

"Love never fails." - 1 Corinthians 13:8


This holiday season and beyond, you can help to provide blankets to people in need. You can help to “Blanket the World with Love”. Every year, Church World Service gives away many blankets and they need your help to make this possible. The warehouse of supplies is starting to get empty and they need your help to provide more blankets to people around the world.


Your contribution to the CWS Blankets program not only gives people around the world supplies to keep them safe and healthy but hope, warmth and a reminder that they are loved.

Today, let your response be one of love by giving to our neighbors in their time of need. You can contribute on-line (click button below) or by filling in the form in the bulletin and sending in your check. Please let us know who you wish to remember with your donation: in memory/ in honor/ in celebration (on the cart page).


To learn more about this program, please visit: